segunda-feira, 22 de outubro de 2012

Public Tender for Car Inspections Judgement

The Central South Court has anulled the public tender for car inspections which was "won" by the Henriques brothers, friends of Bertie's.

A rival firm, CIMA which had come in first place for the tender took the adjudication to Court in 2007. CIMA had actually made the best offer and come out on top of the list, but the Regional Government decided that the Henrique's offer was more coherent and better adapted to the Region. The Court has decided otherwise and the Regional Government may now have to pay a substantial compensation to CIMA for its decision.

Curiously, the same thing happened with the parking concession which Funchal City also attributed to the Henriques despite having received a better offer. The City also had to pay a compensation to the competing firm.

In conclusion, the Henriques win these tenders despite not having the best proposals; they profit from these illegal decisions; the Government and Câmara lose in Court and the taxpayer has to pay compensation to the other companies. No civil or criminal responsibility is asked of the decision-makers and the taxpayer foots the bill. Portuguese justice.

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