segunda-feira, 3 de junho de 2013

Funchal Mayor's car vandalised

The car belonging to Miguel Albuquerque, the Mayor of Funchal who challenged Jardim for the party leadership, was vandalised last night. It was parked outside his block of flats and the glass was smashed by a sharp object, presumed to be a pickaxe.

Similar acts of vandalism have occurred in the past against the property of opposition politicians. The fact that nothing was stolen from the vehicle, adds to the suspicion that the crime was politically motivated. Jardim's popularity is dwindling fast and he is well known for inciting violence against his political opponents - an ever increasing number are now from his own party.

Court Audits shelved by Public Prosecutor worth 520 million Euros

Source: Publico

The prosecutor attatched to the Court Auditors has refrained from taking to court eleven of the 39 audits which detected financial abuses. The shelving of these proceedings totals up to around 520 million Euros in undue payments and hidden debts.

In all the audits in which the Court considered members of the Regional Government indicted por the practice of abuses where the latter were financialy liable, the current Public Prosecutor refrained from requiring those responsible stand trial, said the judge, João Aveiro Pereira.