segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2012

Bertie takes it personally

With the internal elections approaching, despite being away from the region, Bertie writes a daily diatribe against Albuquerque in the Jornal. This is from yesterday's piece.

With the hypocrisy involved in this storming of the PSD/Madeira, organized by the same old enemies of the Party, internally mobilizing lack of scruples, we have seen the falsity of the statement "this is not personal".
So when someone launches an attack against the party leader, in public, with the help of the same old adversaries, this "is nothing personal"?
When they resort to the press which is hostile to the party leader - knowing that this hostility has a pathological bent - to make personal attacks attempting at civic assassination, without first having a loyal, eye to eye, frontal conversation,  they still have the hypocrisy to say "this is nothing personal"?...

When the Regional Congress of the PSD Madeira is to be held in two years time to elect the substitue of the current leader, do you think it proper that a "gang"  should organize itself for the most diverse sinister motives, within and outside the Party, to expel the person (i.e. myself, the great Bertie) who changed Madeira and led the Madeira PSD with success, wishing to humiliate him for personal "vengeance"?!
This is "nothing personal"...

Its unbelievable that a present day politician and leader can write and publish this kind of crap and get away with it. 

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