terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

Bertie the Dictator to cleanse Party of rival's supporters

Bertie the Dictator cannot tolerate the challenge of having to face a rival candidature for party leadership and has promised to clean the Party of Albuquerque's supporters after the November Party Congress.

Never in over three decades has his party in Madeira had to vote between two candidatures and this is confusing many a pretty mind. Jardim's idolization within the Party has always rendered normal democratic processes a blasphemy.

From Bertie's perspective Albuquerque cannot be running as an alternative, but is the 'front man of the Party's enemies',  'trying to rupture the Party from within'. He is no more than a vain, opportunist traitor who bites the hand that feeds and 'stabbed' the great leader in the back.

Jardim has always purged and persecuted those within the PSD who challenged him in any way, however insignificant, which is one of the reasons no-one would ever even dare consider running against him... until now that his popularity has plummeted and people are totally revolted by him; They can't stand to see him or bear to hear his voice any longer.

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