quarta-feira, 5 de março de 2014

Port's Case 6. Twenty Five Trade Unions signed petition against the Stevedore's Union

Following the denunciations of the temporary workers, 25 Trade Unions signed a petition on the situation of the temporary workers:

The Stevedores Trade Unions "do not defend the temporary workers of the Funchal Port", it read. They condemned the fact that the temporary workers work for over two hundred days a year in the ports (some for over seven years) but have no permanent status. They also repudiate the fact that the worker's canteen was transformed into a restaurant exploited by a company belonging to one of the trade union leaders.

Among the 25 trade unions signatory to the petition, made public in July 2001 were:
The Union of Journalists; Teachers; Hotel Workers; Construction Workers; Office and Commerce Workers; Embroideries Industry Workers; Bankers; Post Office and Telecomunications; Justice employees; Food and Beveridge Workers; Metalworkers; Local Administration Workers; Pharmaceutical workers and others

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