sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2014

Jardim fed up with his party after 36 years in power

Jardim completed 36 years in power at the head of the regional government this week and is three months away from breaking Salazar's record for longevity in power.

He now says he is not fed up with Madeira but with his own party and is considering forming his own party.

The statement coincides with the declared intnetions of his pal Garbiel Drumond, head of FAMA, the Forum for Autonomy, of which Jardim is also a member. FAMA is the successor of the the terrorist seperatist movement FLAMA, which resorted to the use of car bombs to intimidate and persecute people connoted with left wing parties after the revolution. Drumond stated that he intended turning the Forum into a political party.

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