segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

"Cuba livre": Jardim to face criminal proceedings

The Pubic Prosecutor's Office is to accuse Jardim and fellow Government members of criminal offense for hiding the Madeira debt.

Nor is Jardim to be allowed to shield himself behind parliamentary immunity as he has done in countless other cases, from violation of election laws to the dodgy dealings of the PSD Foundation.

Though he now denies any responsibility, not so long ago he was publicly bragging of having hidden the debt.

Politicians can get away with a hell of a lot of corruption in Portugal, because the law tends to be so specific that only what is specifically described by law as being corruption can be prosecuted.

Unfortunately for Bertie, there is a specific law relating to hiding debt...

He is no longer untouchable. In a recent inauguration ceremony he was actually booed by the population. The writing is on the wall for Europe's longest lasting dictator.

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