segunda-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2013

PSD Madeira purges city councillor

Jardim has begun proceedings to expel Costa Neves, PSD City Councillor for Funchal, from his party (the news made front page of the Jornal, above). Costa Neves was outspoken in his criticism of the way the Regional Government is handling the reconstruction process following the February 2010 disaster. He also openly backed Albuquerque in his bid for party leadership. Similar proceedings were also started against another Albuquerque follower, André Correira, for alledgedly playing pool with militants of the Christian Democrat Party.

Meanwhile, the Government has also confiscated Municipal roads bordering on streams where reconstruction work is to begin. Funchal City Council had objected to the proposed reconstruction projects and to the timing of the works which will totally disrupt traffic in the city. Jardim's answer was simply to take over the land. Opposition parties had left the Parliament in protest, when proposal was voted

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