segunda-feira, 26 de março de 2012

Justice System Modernization

The Minister of Justice, Paula Teixiera da Cruz, is proposing new legislation to allow for witness and suspect statements to be videod. This is a welcome measure. Statements taken by the Public Prosecution during an investigation are often reduced to a minimum and are often vague; many are just going through the motions... The new procedure will also have the secondary effect of keeping the inquirers on their toes - particularly in Madeira.

Videoing the statements saves time and is more precise. She is also proposing that these videos could be played back in Court, to refresh memories and reveal contradictions.

The Minister is also proposing to alter the law so that cases cannot prescribe due to abusive use of appeals and clarification requests. The prescritpion time-frame is to be suspended once the lower Court reaches a decision to condemn.

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