sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2012

Documentary: Alberto João Cult

The TVI documentary (link below) looks at how Alberto João is perceived by the population after 36 years in power - it focusses on one of his fans, popularly known as 'laranjinha' = little orange. Laranjinha dresses in orange, her house is decorated in orange and is a shrine to Alberto João. In the annual PSD Festival, she often adds a crown of real oranges to her daily orange attire.

Jardim thinks 'personality cult' is an exageration to describe the blind devotion of some of his followers, but I think Laranjinha would disagree. Although she has no official status, she is present in nearly all official functions, particularly inaugurations - even those where elected oppositon members are barred from being present, hauled away by police or private security, or simply physically attacked by recruited thugs.

To Laranjinha, Jardim is just like Jesus Christ and she always 'senses' when he is away from Madeira and phones the Government headquarters to find out if he is OK. The video can be seen on:

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