quarta-feira, 4 de março de 2015

President Jardim condemned for defaming Gil Canha

The still-president Jardim has at last been condemned to pay 4000 Euros compensation for defamation, though he will surely appeal the decision.

The facts date back to the 2009 election campaign, where a group of Social Democrat youths held a pro-regime demonstration while the New Democracy candidates were protesting against the violation of the election laws.

Several of Jardim's party youth wing held up banners - a smear campaign against the new democracy candidates. One of them accused Canha of being a criminal wanted by the Venezuelan justice system. The accusation was totally gratuitous and the youths holding the banner were sued, whereupon, in court, they pointed the finger at Jardim, saying they had been acting on his orders.

They were condemned and a new case was brought against Jardim. Jardim is clearly seen on all the newsreels telling the police to allow the youths to unfurl the banner, because he was the one who gave orders.

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