sexta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2014

Madeira Hidden Debt Investigation Concluded

The "Cuba Livre" investigation into the Madeira hidden debt has been concluded. The Public Prosecutor's Office found that there had been falsification of documents and that the debt had indeed been hidden. However, they conclude that since the State suffered no negative consequences there was no reason to proceed and so the case is not going to Court.

This typical of the impunity nurtured by the Portuguese Justice system.

Not only was the State negatively affected by the hidden debt, the whole of the island's economy has been torpedoed and the taxpayers are landed with the bill.

The Public Prosecution's decision came mere weeks after the Banco Espirito Santo scandal hit the front pages of the world's newspapers. The timing meant that the Madeira hidden debt investigation got minimal press coverage.

The New Democracy Party, which was party to the denounciations, will appeal the decision,

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