sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013

Public Prosecutor's Office demands disciplinary action against judge

The Public Prosecutor's Office, unused to public scrutiny, has called for a discplinary measure to be taken against the judge who criticised the Prosecutor who attatched to the Cout Auditor's Office (see previous post). The judge's deliberation, it claimed, contained subjective opinions that exceeded the judge's competence.

As it so happens, the judge had already objected to the non-action of the Public Prosecutor with regards to several other audits which should have lead to trials, but were shelved by the Prosecutor, however, the Public Prosecutor's Office always ignored the judge and took no action.

The Public Prosecutor's Office is not used to open criticism. It is a totally opaque organization, a law unto itself. Many of its magistrates are notoriously close to the regional power and investigations are often no more than a formality to be completed before a case is shelved or allowed to prescribe. Complaints against Public Prosecutors are rarely acted upon by the hierarchy and some magistrates wield a virtually arbitrary power - reason for which Jardim and his men enjoy almost absolute impunity and can do what they will regardless of what the law says

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