sábado, 14 de julho de 2012

Jardim anticipates congress

According to today's Diario, Jardim wants to anticipate his party congress. The move comes in the wake of the growing support for Albuquerque's leadership challenge. According to the statutes, the congress was due to be held in early 2012, but Jardim was to delay it to the following year.

Albuquerque had reportedly gathered the 300 signatures necessary to call for an extraordinary congress,  should Jardim insist on delaying. Jardim, left with no room for maneuver, is apparently calling for the confess to be held earlier, at the end of this year, in order to quash Albuquerque's support before it can gather more strength.

Rubina Leal, Funchal City Councilor for the PSD was excluded from the latest PSD leadership council, of which she is a member. She had been directly questioned at the previous meetings as to whether her allegiance lay with Albuquerque or Jardim.

Jardim's Dummy candidate, Manuel António Correia, will predictably not be running for leadership.

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