sexta-feira, 20 de abril de 2012

Expropriation protest in Cabo Girão

Severino Aguiar parked his car to block access to expropriated land, dissatified with the prices the Government is paying for it. Bruno Aguiar accused the Government of abuse of power and presecution. 'What the Government is doing to us is not an expropriation, but an exploitation, a theft, and a hijacking of our rights.' 'I ask all Madeirans to be alert for situations like ours, to struggle and not give up, because this is the only way we can change things on our island, this island which belongs to all of us and not just to a handfull.'
Source: DN 19.4.1012

Situations like this are a dime a dozen on Madeira. I think many such cases are a deliberate way for the Government to 1) persecute people 2) use the example to intimidate others 3) fatten up government chrony lawyers who spend years raking it in by continually contesting those expropriated.

How else can you explain it when the Government offers one set of people a sixth of the market value for their land, while others get paid the market value or more.

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