segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2012

1988 Expopriation case decided

The Supreme Court has judged that the Regional Government has 30 days to pay 1.8 million Euros compensation to the former owners. The land was expropriated in 1988 by the Regional Government to build the União Club sports complex in Camacha.

The União club was headed for many years by Jaime Ramos, the PSD-Madeira general secretary and PSD-M parliamentary leader - President Jardim's right hand man. The lawyer for the Government is Guilherme Silva, currently Vice President of the Portuguese Parliament for the PSD, and long-term intimate friend of President Jardim.

There are many similar cases dragging on in the courts for decades. The lawyer representing the state is in most cases Guilherme Silva. President Jardim has advocated using expropriation cases to make people lose money in Court. Oppostion parties have accused him of carrying out 'political expropriations'.

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